Thursday, May 25, 2017

40 years ago in a galaxy far, far away...

I'm old enough that I can say I saw this in the theater. It forever altered my brain chemistry. In a good way! I recently sat down with my own kiddo to watch it with her for the first time (and she's the same age I was when I saw it!). For her, the Saga is only _just_ beginning. I envy her.

Here's the first few frames that started it all. I recall feeling even smaller than I was watching those ships pass over my head. Grand space opera indeed!

Thank you George and company for dreaming it up.

May the Force be with you...always.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Final trailer for Valerian debuts!

Here's our last look at the film before it arrives in theaters in July 21 (US). Have a look:


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Thursday, May 18, 2017

FINALLY! Star Trek Discovery trailer emerges!

WELL IT TOOK THEM LONG ENOUGH! But the first trailer for Star Trek Discovery is finally here!

And ya know what? It's not bad at all. The visuals are actually really impressive--something you'd expect for a modern Star Trek TV program.

We get some great shots of Michelle Yeoh being all capable and stern.

But the real star is supposed to be the ship's first officer, played by Sonequa Martin-Green.

A few hints of the Klingons, which (spoiler, but not really, because you're about to watch it) look like the Klingons from the recently rebooted films.

I'm actually okay with that. They look more alien, which makes the political and social divide between Terran and Klingon cultures more believable.

Discovery has been plagued with development issues--the biggest of which was when producer Bryan Fuller left the project. Some folks have grumbled about the fact that it will only be available on CBS All Access for the first run of the episodes. I'm sure it won't be long after airing that the network pushes them out for wider distribution.

But with this new footage, we finally get a chance to be excited about the show!

Here's the trailer:

Star Trek Discovery airs, well, that's not entirely clear at the moment--but it's still technically listed as 2017 on IMDB, so there's hope!

UPDATE: Feast your eyes on the official poster...

Video and images: CBS/Paramount

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Alpha Star Moon Mission is a GO!

Found someone online selling a vintage Fisher Price Alpha Star moon rover (remember Adventure People?). It's missing a few pieces (the robot, alien creature and mechanical arm) but the geeklet didn't seem to mind--though I may hunt them down.

She played with it as soon as it arrived yesterday and went straight to it again this morning. Jesse from Toy Story and Rey from Force Awakens were assigned a lunar excursion mission and zooming across the floor  in no time.  

We'll make an armchair astronaut outta' that kid yet!

Monday, April 10, 2017

TRAILER: The Osiris Child

I've not heard squat about this before seeing the trailer, but this looks to be in my geeky wheelhouse of scifi action. The official title is Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child -- which seems to hint at future installments (not sure if it's part of an anthology or what).

If this had been made in the 80s it might be more of a VHS B-movie actioner, but the effects definitely give this a polish not seen from these nondescript (read: non-IP) films.

Here's some sweet air vehicle battles:

Here's the full trailer:

It's an Aussie production and comes out there later this month. Doesn't yet have a US release, but definitely one to watch. It goes without saying this is ripe for RPG inspiration!